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Steady Peddlin': We Come Bearing GIFs

By Whole Milk, 04/30/2012 - 3:30pm
Hooligan Polo ($66.00) Drop Out Crewneck ($74.00) Fanatic Snapback ($30.00) Scout Workpants ($103.00) Steady Peddlin' to the 4th dimension! Because the 4th dimensino is GIFs right? I'm pretty sure Carl Sagan said that one time. Look it up. We wanted to show off some layering with this newest outfit, but we also didn't want to obscure any of the awesome items. More specifically, we didn't want to hide the crimson power of the Hooligan Polo. Red is a bold choice, but in this case it's most definitely the right choice. Pair it up with the clean badassery of the Fanatic Snapback for a truly winning combo. If you just want the red to be an accent, however, you can throw the Drop Out Crew over the polo, giving off a look that says collegiate until people start to notice all the skulls and bloody eyeballs and death talk. Actually, come to think of it, that's a lot of the same stuff that's in real fraternities. Frats are weird. If the entire collegiate Greek system all joined up and staged some sort of Illuminati based revolution they could probably succeed. The only thing holding them back is beer. Thanks, Anheuser-Busch, for protecting out future from the fraternal masses. Complete the look with the Scout Work Pants featuring leopard print lining at the cuffs. Мишка 350 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 718-388-1725 — Мишка LA 1547 Echo Park Ave Los Angeles, CA 213-536-4234
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