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NYC's Famous Hipster Cop: Apparently Kind of a Dickhole

By Whole Milk, 05/02/2012 - 2:30pm
One of the weirdest things to emerge from the heart of last year's period of Occupy Wall Street intensity was the rise to fame and subsequent meme-ification of Detective Rick Lee AKA The Hipster Cop. Frequently spotted looking natty down in Zucotti Park, this be-cardiganed, hornrim glasses wearing, mussed hair having cop stole the heart of the internet, even though his NYPD brethren were public enemy #1. I always found the whole situation very strange, especially once he started doing interviews, including a not small profile with GQ. How is that allowed?? But something about his pastel shirts and quilted down jackets really struck a cord with people, and made it seem like "hey, maybe not all cops look like the pig from Angry Birds and shoot pepper spray directly into your mouth like umber Binaca." Something was fishy about the whole operation. Like maybe - just maybe! - he was a plant by the NYPD and secretly a freedom hating butthole after all?!? Not sure if all of that is true, but he seems none too cool in the above video from yesterday's protests, where he gets all hot and bothered trying to shut down JD Samson's concert. Maybe he's just pissed that Le Tigre broke up. Also, I'm surprised it took the whole video for someone to notice, "Oooh, it's the hipster cop!"
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