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Macro & Treekeeper Are Ludicrious, Overeducated Hooligans

By Nick Vogt, 05/20/2012 - 4:33pm
Here's a new video by the Nashville rap group Macro x Treekeeper for their song "Welcome To Bohemia." It's Macro on vocals and Treekeeper on the beat. Treekeeper's production for this sounds like a turnt up Tricky or Massive Attack beat. There's something very '90s trip hop about this whole song and video. And, The video, by TrillBe The Hooligan, is trippy, too. It's full of psycheldielic and neon images. It's Like visiting Tron world on Acid. I like how most of Macro's vocals on this (except his first verse) are distorted so much they're barely audible. There's a catchy hook on this that starts the song, but the lyrics are almost impossible to make out. The same is true for his second verse. The energy of Macro's raps is enough to keep it interesting even when the lyrics are hazy, though. And When Macro's words are clear, it's really great. He says some pretty amazing things including (but not limited to!) referencing Plato's Cave and using "George Harrison" in a hashtag rap. Also, all the dudes in this video are decked out in their finest Mishka gear, which just adds to its swag.
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