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Store Spotting: You Can't Stop Flux Pavilion

By Whole Milk, 05/21/2012 - 11:30am
Our homie Flux Pavilion was in the States recently, stopping by NYC for an awesome show at Roseland Ballroom. While he was here he was nice enough to make an appearance at 350 Broadway with some friends, all of whom were supporting the Death Adder in all its different incarnations in full force. This bleach top dubstep guru has only been getting better and more popular, not only in the UK but all over the world, especially after his hit "I Can't Stop" was co-opted for a Watch The Throne beat. Essentially the ultimate co-sign. He also met up for an interview with the team at ItsBongoBoy, and made a sartorial decision so simple and yet so awesome: rocking the Lamour Bomber inside out to show off Lamour Supreme's insane lining design. In all seriousness, how in the fuck had this not occurred to me? Is everyone else doing this and I'm just the last to know? Whatever the case may be, it's certifiably wicked. Flux Pavilion: always innovating. Мишка 350 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 718-388-1725 J/M/Z to Marcy Ave. G to Broadway L to Lorimer
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