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NES Games From The Nerdgasm Universe

By Whole Milk, 05/23/2012 - 9:30pm
Though the newest dose just dropped, starting back in the beginning of 2011 the writer of VGJunk started a series of posts devoted to imagining an alternate world where licensed game don't suck. Actually there are a couple of licensed games that are good. Goldeneye. T2: Judgment Day. Chronicles of Riddick (actually much better than the movie in a weird twist). Blade Runner. But for the most part you get dung like E.T. for Atari or that Superman game on N64 (I have to assume the developers of that were purely trolling). But what if all the cool movies a game studio wouldn't touch with a ten-pixel pole somehow poofed into existence? Well, then we'd have something like the awesomeness you see above you. People have been making fake game screens for a while now, and as independent game development/modding gets easier and easier, I sometimes wonder when some of these might actually get made. I vote for Videodrome first pleez. Check out a bunch more here, here, and here.
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