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Real Rap Comes Up From The Sewers!

By Whole Milk, 06/07/2012 - 1:00pm
A few months ago our own Nattymari expounded on the numerous merits of Sewage Tapes, an artistic space were founder Michael Beaudoin could work in a variety of media from original releases, to mixtapes, to compilations. We were particularly impressed with his Sewer Greats series, which at the time was already four volumes deep. That number has just risen to five, and Мишка is extremely happy to co-present Sewer Greats Vol 5. This edition is the all rap stunner shot, the final Sewer Greats compilation, and a 26 track trip around the world and through the arresting minds of artists from Bloglin contributor Supa from Sortahuman, recently buzzing Kitty Pryde, young Arizona provocateur Glass Popcorn, favorites Main Attrakionz, Raider Klan members Ethelwulf and Klvn Simmie, and much, much more. Mother sucker is a beast, and its available right now!
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