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Justice Will Be Served In Rollerball

By Whole Milk, 07/11/2012 - 3:30pm
Here's a new Justice video. Remember Justice? We all loved them? Some of you out there probably have a tattoo of a cross because of Justice, but now when people ask you about your cross tattoo you gotta be like "naw, I just really love the Holy Trinity, that's my shit." But in the back of your mind you know: Ed Banger forever. Anyway, they're actually still pretty good, and this video for their track "New Lands" (off of last year's Audio/Video/Disco) goes full on with the Rollerball/Starship Troopers Football vibe. Wait you've never seen Rollerball? Oh man it's this great movie with Chris Klein and LL and Rebecca Romijn back when she was still stuffed with Stamos. Such an original idea. This video is good though, it's got robot's and glowing balls (pause) and it was directed by the whole country of Canada. Very collaborative. Oh, it's just one person named Canada? Just watch the video before I dig a bigger whole for myself...
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