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Suckers and Dapwell Do Breakfast Your Way

By Pool Captain, 07/19/2012 - 11:30pm
We all have those mornings. Wake up a hair too early, fire up the skillet, pour a cup of juice and then all the food in the house breaks into wonderfully choreographed dance. Oh that's not what being a morning person is like? I should prolly get that checked out, huh? Well, at least Dapwell will be part of my support group, because that's exactly how the Das Racist hypeman spends his waking moments in the Jordan Fish directed video for Suckers' "Turn On The Sunshine." Over Suckers' twinkling, indie-pop soundtrack, OJ boogies and milk rolls while our hallucinating hero takes it all in. I gotta say though, that bacon is pretty unsettling, especially the one holding a damn pitchfork.
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