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Choice Is Yours Vol. 195: Scream vs. The Cabin In The Woods

By Whole Milk, 09/18/2012 - 2:30pm
Scream (1996) - Dir. Wes Craven


The Cabin In The Woods (2012) - Dir. Drew Goddard Let's get reverential for those who are referential. Let's splatter the meta-text with some blood and boobies. That's right, boobie splatter, don't think about it too much alright. Check your rule book, tighten your chastity belt, don't wander off alone, and most certainly don't look in the cellar, because we're about to get down to business choosing between the post-modern horror comedy titans Scream and The Cabin In The Woods. I liked Cabin In The Woods very much - even more, in fact, when I watched it for the second time last night - but while praise for that movie was getting passed around like a Linnea Quigley character I was a mite peeved that people were acting like it was the first time a horror movie had essentially jerked off while looking at itself in the mirror. Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson shot that Pynchonic load over a decade ago! This has gone too far. That's not necessarily a judgment on which one is better (though I have my preference), but more that you gotta be giving the love to Scream. But has the student surpassed the teacher? Very tough to say. Overall Scream might be more astute, and toe the line between horrifying/intellectual/funny better (Cabin suffers from a deficiency of the first) but Cabin probably has more specific moments of brilliance. Cabin's performances are technically stronger, but Scream's are iconic (and some are brilliant: Lilliard, duh). They both have some memorable imagery. Killer endings. The choice is yours...
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