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Review: Sun Araw - The Inner Treaty

By Whole Milk, 09/21/2012 - 4:30pm
Sun Araw - The Inner Treaty (2012) [Drag City] // Grade: B- Despite the grade, I feel like I enjoyed The Inner Treaty as much as I could. The new album from psych experimentalist Sun Araw maybe isn't as droning as some of his past work, but it sure is meandering, requires concentration, and is severely lacking in what we would call "songs." Which is to say that this was probably never going to be my favorite album. Listening to The Inner Treaty does a pretty good job of recreating that thick, melty place between waking and sleep. It's an album that you stumble around in, tripping over samples, hauling yourself up on ledges of skittering drums, periodically stubbing your toe or bruising an ankle on the sharp edge of a tropical *squoosh*. Even after several listens, it's pretty damn difficult to look back at the tracklist and remember any particular stretches of any of the songs. They're sketches, really, more than that. But they are fun, especially when they embrace their dioramic nature fully. Songs like "Grip" don't incorporate too many sounds, and I found myself losing interest. But "Like Wine", my favorite song on the album, is jammed with dissonant guitar, timpani, and beats that sound like little animals running around every which way. Not that it's "intense" at all, but it hits the sweet spot of funkiness that the album needs. Maybe I should have eaten some acid? Buy it at Insound!
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