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Death Grips Surfaces From The Deep Web

By Whole Milk, 10/01/2012 - 11:30am
And they're bringing Zach Hill's (?) erect penis with them! We've been repeatedly told that, despite the recent release of the excellent The Money Store, Death Grips would be dropping at least one more album in 2012. While we were all certainly more than happy with that, apparently Epic Records was none too pleased with them giving out material like its freebies at Comic-Con. So, naturally, Zach Hill and MC Ride just decided to release NO LOVE DEEP WEB on their own, late last night, without telling the label (or - apparently - letting them listen to it). Awesome! It's a full 13 track album, and the NSFW album cover is, as mentioned above, an erect phallus scrawled with the album title. Riiiiight. Unsurprisingly, Death Grips continues to prove that they're one of the most interesting new acts of the last two years, abrasive, addictive, and somehow stealthily poppy all at the same time. tl;dr: new Death Grips album, it's good, stream and download it below. Download Death Grips' NO LOVE DEEP WEB (Click Here)
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