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Review: FWY! - San Clemente

By Nattymari, 10/04/2012 - 4:30pm
FWY! - San Clemente (2012) [Burundi Cloud] // Grade: B+ Lets hope Edmund Xavier never runs out of California cities and Freeways to name his songs after. Xavier, who heads up a number of bands (most notably NDW art punkers Teenage Panzerkorps) always seems to hit the mark with his side project FWY!. Tape after tape, the playfully prolific musicians manages to create a murky and dreamy landscape that seems to coated on the cassette, rather than just recorded. His latest effort, San Clemente, fails to disappoint. Consisting of four drawn out and druggy jams, this is the warm despair of long distance travel. As guitars float over sparse electronic beats, that remind one of and imaginary 80’s, drenched in the ghosts of Herrs Scnitzler, Roedelius and Moebius. Although the tempo is far from slow, all four tracks hit the listener with languish and longing. Reminiscent of early Death Cult, an instrumental like “Orange Fwy” drives ahead, but to a seemingly meaningless and unimportant location. Xavier's charm is in his restraint. He never seems to go to far. He simply presses record and lets his music become magic, time and time again.
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