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Cope2 Has Been Reborn

By L4DY H4UK, 10/10/2012 - 1:11pm
This past Wednesday Cope2 had his “Rebirth” show at the Project One Gallery. Might I say I was completely blown away from his body of work. I was literally shoving my nose all up in every individual piece, they were so evocative. He had an amazing amount of control yet looseness in all of his paintings that I admired. Whether it was one of his iconic Cope throw ups or one his mixed media paintings, I was captivated. Not only was his show dope as fuck, but the turn out was amazing! Good music, good drinks, and great art. Ran into Indie, a graffiti artist that is holding it down for the females. Not only is she jumping fences and not afraid to get her nails dirty but she is also known for her clothing brand Kweenz Destroy. Most of the images I ended up taking were close ups of the mixed media because of how much texture each piece consisted of. So many layers upon layers of letterforms, subway maps, cigar labels, and splashes of color applied in different ways that it made my mouth water. When talking with Cope I asked him what his process was when starting these paintings and he told me, “A LOT of paint and no direction”. These pieces really stood out to me because the amount of time I would look at each individual painting. Even when speaking with Cope, I couldn’t stop complimenting him on his work because of how impressed I was. It’s always a bold move when graffiti artist bring their art to the gallery walls but Cope did a successful job and brought a lot to the table. The show will be up until November 3rd and I plan on heading back to the gallery to admire each piece even more, and I highly recommend you all head over and do the same.
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