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Grab Bags Are Going Bye-Bye!

By Whole Milk, 10/10/2012 - 5:59pm
Mishka Grab Bags (Available Until Tomorrow Night) Despite your protestations, we simply can't do this forever. The Grab Bag sale is a very special and therefore very brief time of year, so with that in mind the Grab Bags will no longer be available starting tomorrow night (Thursday October 11th) at 11:59PM. That means you still have well over 24 hours to double your money on either the $100, $200, or gargantuan $500 Grab Bag, all of which feature awesome assortments of random Mishka items. See below for the original post with all the pertinent info:
It’s time to put some surprise in your life. The much missed Mishka Grab Bags are returning! We’ve got tons of great clothing sitting in our warehouse just waiting to join your wardrobe. Spend either $100 or $200, and receive over double that amount in assorted Mishka gear. Or if you’re feeling extra bold, this year we’re including a monstrous $500 Grab Bag as well. Each Grab Bag is randomly assembled from items of our choosing, and may contain anything from tees, hats, button ups, hoodies, jackets, pants – who knows?! They might even contain rare samples or one-offs that we have laying around. Mysteries upon mysteries my friends. The Grab Bags are just like gambling, except you win every time! But since the whole point is the suspense, that means we accept no requests, returns, exchanges, or complaints. Such are the rules of the Grab Bag. Please keep in mind your Grab Bag does not necessarily resemble the one seen above, which is just a promotional image. Be sure to choose your correct size, and PLEASE also include your fitted hat size and waist size in the comments section of your order.
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