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Faces Is The King Of Style

By Nick Vogt, 10/15/2012 - 9:30pm
Fresh off the release of Young Gungho's very awesome EP another member of dotCULT has dropped an album on us. Faces album Prototype is out now via Sewage Tapes and features some really intelligent raps and very cool production mostly by dotCULT member Yawning Boy. Faces reminds me a little bit of a cross between Schoolboy Q and Earl the way he puts words together and the way he uses his voice. That's kind of a weird combination of dudes I know. And Faces is definitely more than that. But, bear with me. he reminds me of Earl when he raps slower and says some really clever and well-written stuff like "Artfully armed to the teeth/ blessed by the one who lies beneath/the devil is satan and satan is me/together in harmony" on the XXYYXX produced "Talk." But their is another side to Faces too. He will move from more laid back flows and carefully constructed rhymes to more intense, quickly spit stuff on the same song. That's cool not only because it makes Faces a versatile rapper, but it makes him kind of unpredicatble too. My homie and fellow bloglin writer Supa of Sortahuman makes two guest appearances on Prototype. Once on the Shawn Kemp produced banger "Frenemey" and then again on "King Of Style" produced by Yawning Boy. Young Gungho guests on "Graveyard" which is the album's most  experimental track both lyrically and beatwise, too. Even though Prototype just dropped the other day, Faces already has a video out! Definitely Check out trippy and fiery and somewhat bloody video for the  "Talk"
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