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Soul'd Out With Elijah Colburn

By Slow Head, 10/15/2012 - 6:00pm
Up next on my producer-to-watch (listen?) list is the phenomenally talented, feel-good, sunshine-ridden sounds of Elijah Colburn. The 21 year-old South Carolina native, who used to produce under the name Mourning Sickness, serves up some serious groove-oriented solar-funk tracks like they were pancakes at IHOP- all day. Seriously, this guy’s productions sound like Grammy nominated soundtracks to films about living the high life on some island paradise, they’re just that professional. I pick up a slight west-coast Dr. Dre thing from a lot of his music and it wouldn’t have surprised me if a young Snoop Dog’s voice had bust up in the mix while I was listening to a few of his songs. We wrote back and forth a little and when asked about his current material and upcoming projects he replied “My material has always fluctuated with degrees of live recordings and sampled material, but now I am really trying to feel out the balance between those elements. The projects to come are more thought through than my previous tunes under the guise of Mourning Sickness. Not to downplay my previous efforts, but rather I mean I have put more of myself forth as I have been working with these projects. Some collaborations, some individual work, but 100% soul inspired.” On the subject of labels and distribution, I asked him who he was affiliated with or liked and his reply was straight to the point, “I love independent labels like Outlier Records, Cascade Records, and Project Mooncircle but would only pursue a label if I wanted to put out some physical product.” It wouldn’t surprise me if a label tried to snatch this producer up with quickness as he don’t look like he’s going to be slowing down any time soon with the amazing productions. I personally hope we get a record or new release from him sometime in the near future.
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