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Gila Monsta & Face Vega Are Gorgeous Children

By Nick Vogt, 10/18/2012 - 8:30pm
Gorgeous Children is a group made up of producer (and Dior Sentai member) Gila Monster and rapper Face Vega both of whom have awesome names since lizards are cool and so is streetfighter. Beyond their names being dope, these two are like a supervillain team-up. Their self-titled debut album is the perfect combo of gritty, weird beats and gully rhymes. This whole album is shadowy and menacing. Gila Monster created a dark world of creepiness for Face Vega to lurk in and spit fire. Take "Grasslean Dreams" for example. That beat mixes a lo-fi weird sample, trap highhats and a rumbling bass it's almost like a bad trip or something. And Face Vega chanting "Double of cups of blood, girl!" on the hook fits that feeling like a glove. Another of my favorite moments on this album is on "Olive Skin" where Vega chants "We stay coughin purp/please make my coffin purp." That's both really clever and super dark. I said this to Gila Monster, but this album reminds me of Mobb Deep's classic creepy, bleak album Hell On Earth in a way. That is, if Mobb Deep were around during this Twitter rap age and were even more experimental (Hell On Earth is pretty strange but not nearly as weird as Gorgeous Children is). I also have to give a big shout out to our friends at Purple Tape Pedigree for helping get this album out and for all their support of The very dope Gorgeous Children.
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