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Badman Shark Breaks Our Music Game Down

By Whole Milk, 10/23/2012 - 3:30pm
Hypetrak was on hand for our epic opening part at 128 South La Brea in Los Angeles some months ago, and have been leaking out a steady stream (no boutros) of media since, including this video series of interviews. The last one was with the large and in-charge Action Bronson and - despite its misleading title - this one features bits of DJ Muggs' performance and an interview with our colleague Michael Cohn AKA Badman Shark, about Mishka's relationship with music. Musician, Gangster Raver, Italian gentleman, the dude with the noose tattoo: Cohn is known as many things, just as Mishka is a clothing brand, a record label, an event space, and a cult devoted to bring the great god Sh'un Zibbirauth back to prominence on this plan- wait... I wasn't supposed to mention that yet. Check out the video!
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