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Dior Sentai Gets Knighted

By Nick Vogt, 10/27/2012 - 3:30pm
It's finally here! Sentai Knights is the debut compilation by the crew Dior Sentai and it's out now! I say just "crew" (and not "rap crew" or something like that) because the Sentai is really a crew of people making all kinds of music. It is a huge honor to be a part of Dior Sentai and I can't thank/shout out Dior Sentai's fearless leader (and dope rapper/producer/visual artist) Toy Trains for putting this group and compilation together. That man really is a genius. Sentai Knights is 20 tracks of straight fire (plus some bonus material if you download it!) , a selection of great tunes from all the members: Toy Trains, Dankte/Deezerfic Vitamins (Toy Trains and Dankte combine to form the group Candy Coins), Gnac Tha Quack,  Appletrack (Appletrack and Gnac combine to form Applequack), D R 3 G $, Chri$ Big Money, Gila Monster, Lautlos, Deli Mane (That's me), Micron Diamond (Micron Diamond and I combine to form the group Diamond Mane), Michael Suess, Yawning Boy,  ZAID and Cat Hair. Major shouts out to Dior Sentai extended family who provided beats, artwork (each song has its own, unique art!) and guest verses on Sentai Knights. That includes Mishka friends Sortahuman and Blamlord who spit guest raps on "Tightest Dudes You Know" and "Bow Down" respectively. Other friends of the Sentai who helped out with the compilation are Black K R A Y (who is featured on "Bow Down" along with Blam Lord), $ludgehammer (who produced"AK-Shawty 7), Terio (who produced my song "Spike Spiegel"). I guarantee you there is no other group like this and no other album like this. There will be more group compilations coming and (of course) new solo work by all of the Sentai members coming soon too!
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