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Hot Sugar Just Committed MiDi Murder

By Whole Milk, 11/01/2012 - 3:30pm
IRL sample guru and expert picture poser Hot Sugar (AKA Nick Koenig) just dropped his excellent new MiDi Murder EP on Scion A/V, continuing his hot streak of middle-alphabet alliterative bangers (check Muscle Milk and Moon Money out ASAP if you haven't already). While the East Village producer has stuck to mostly instrumental stuff in the past (at least in his solo releases), the MiDi Murder EP (and the extended LP version, due in early 2013) is filled to the brim with rappers. Everyone from Heems to Antwon, Haleek Maul and 100s plus many more get their time to shine on MiDi Murder. Heems starts off the 7 track release by clapping up the dulcet tones of a modem on "56k", while Antwon goes drillin' on "No Joke", and Kool AD sips a beverage on "Leverage". Each track is, as usual, comprised of Hot Sugar's relentless samples of the world around him. So if you ever see that captivating mug slinking around the city, don't worry: your accelerating footsteps just may end up on a hit record. Download Hot Sugar's MiDi Murder EP (Click Here)
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