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A Tribe Called Death And MUMMZ Hang Their Enemies In Effigy

By Nick Vogt, 11/02/2012 - 3:30pm

A Tribe Called Death have been steadily putting out very songs. Fresh off their song "HillaKURTZ" featured on our Grim Harvest Halloween mix here's "The Heemie" featuring Harlem Sorcerer MUMMZ (who appeared on our first High Tide Mix)

"The Heemie" is a super hard track right from the get-go. That opening sample from Ghost Dog "A samurai should always meditate on death" jumps right into Boats' insane beat and (not one but) TWO dope verses from MUMMZ (plus a complex, super intense hook part of which is "Y'ALL AIN"T GOTTA SUCK DICK BUT YOU CAN ALL EAT BALLS!) who absolutely kills the song and then A Tribe Called Death MC K.E.V.O.R.K.I.A.N comes in and cleans up the mess. There are a ton of really cool things about this track but maybe the coolest is how both rappers drop references to punk songs which starts with MUMMZ saying "I'm not in accord/with all you Buzzcocks/my Sex Pistols mostly Nines..." In his verse K.E.V.O.R.K.I.A.N continues this theme with a ton of punk references includding the very awesome (and kinda cringe-worthy) "Operation Ivy Filled with Propofol" line. K.E.V.O.R.K.I.A.N also says "Shoot at Republicans with an elephant gun" which I really like.

The end of the track is MUMMZ's hook once again but this time chopped and screwed in the most futuristic way I have ever have something be chopped and screwed. It gets even more intense and menacing just when you thought it was safe!

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