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Fall In Love With These David Liebe Hart Tees

By Whole Milk, 11/14/2012 - 12:54pm
DLH Death Adder Tee ($32.00) DLH Keep Watch Tee ($32.00) This past weekend we had TV star and legendary crooner David Liebe Hart stop by our new Los Angeles store for a barnburning performance that will not be soon forgotten by everyone present. David is a man of many talents, and in addition to his musical stylings he also took the time to put his spin on two of our classic designs, the result being these excellent t-shirts. Both the Death Adder and especially the KW eyeball have seen many variations throughout their lives, but I gotta say these are some of my favorites. I'm particularly fond of David's interpretation of the Death Adder, especially the way the tongue could almost be a bow-tie. And those colors! The KW is a bit more true to form, but no less essential. Get'em now! Мишка 350 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 718-388-17 Мишка LA 128 S. La Brea Los Angeles, CA 212-536-4234
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