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Western Tink Just Has A Thought

By Zachg, 11/17/2012 - 11:30pm
Tink linked up with SdotPdotDesigns on a recent trip to New York and they shot this video for a track off of .L.W.H.'s Tape Hiss Hooligan. The record has been out for about a year now, but that bares zero relevance on the video. The song is still just as honest as always, and the setting really plays that up. Tink was telling me recently how someone described his music as "struggle rap." I've resisted that term for a while, but it's accurate. This is the music of young people struggling in life, and this art is about seeking resolution. Here Tink heads to the church, he consults scripture, and he talks to god. It definitely aint on some preachy shit, so don't go thinking this is some MC Hammer shit. (I wonder if Kanye still feels like it's important to make songs about Jesus and god?) Here again Tink proves that although taking the high road in life is often more difficult, he's really serious about doing good in life.
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