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Steady Peddlin': Space Quest

By Behold the Destroyer, 11/18/2012 - 4:40pm
Space Truckin' Shirt Infrared ($92.00)Vision Quest Pom Ice Blue ($32.00)High Sticking T-Shirt Royal ($32.00)Keep Watch Wallet Black ($30.00) I fall through my bed into a black hole. It is cold, dark.  The isolation is near maddening. As I think that I will be trapped alone, in the void forever, an ice planet becomes clear on the other side. I am falling. Knocked unconscious, I'm awoken by a one eyed wolf licking my face. The wolf speaks, in Russian. I do not understand her tongue, I understand her thoughts. "Kill the White Witch, free us from her tyranny". She gives me ice skates carved from the frozen tears of the old gods, a bladed hockey stick—said to be dipped in unicorn blood. She wishes me god's speed and the devil's thunder. We exchange knowing glances as she sends me on my way. The road will be long and dangerous, but I am high on adventure. I wake up every morning feeling strong and ready. I prepare an outfit to continue my adventure.
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