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Captain Murphy Gives Rap Conspiracy Theorist An Early Gift

By Behold the Destroyer, 11/19/2012 - 11:30am
Is it Tyler the Creator? Is it Flying Lotus? Is it all of Odd Future combined—Voltron style—into one person? No one knows the secret identity(ies) of Captain Murphy, but the release of Duality has set rap message boards, Facebook groups, Tumblrs, and Twitter spheres of influence into absolute disarray. For those of you that don't troll the internet discussing the finer point of OJ Da Juiceman's discography—seriously how can you not want to listen to this mixtape—Captain Murphy spontaneously popped into existence on a Earl Sweatshirt X Flying Lotus track. Now we have Duality, a thirty five minute long EP/film that's stylistically similar to Madvillain, Jay Electronica, Flying Lotus, Adult Swim, and TV Carnage. It's really good, to put it lightly. To my ears, it sounds a lot like Tyler The Creator is the main rapper (Captain Murphy shares a similar cadence and love of using the phrase "nigger dick") and the production sounds too much like Flying Lotus for it not to be him. The real fun of this release will be when the darkest corners of the internet (read: rap Iluminati conspiracists) get ahold of this. Those dudes will love taking apart all the references to the occult, cults and mind control in the lyrics/short film. Can't wait til one of them tells us that Captain Murphy is the winged serpent beast the Mayans warned us would destroy the world. Form your own conspiracy theories by listening to Duality on the Captain Murphy site, assuming your IT dude hasn't blocked every website from the XXX domain.
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