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Review: Control Unit feat Massimo - Top Trans

By Nattymari, 11/19/2012 - 10:12am
Control Unit featuring Massimo - Top Trans (2012) [ClanDestine] // Grade: B Control Unit are guilty of making real industrial music. The creepy crawly scary kind. The kind that scares you parents a little when they hear the sounds coming out of your locked bedroom door. This isn’t post-Japanese drone or hard EBM, power duo Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia sculpt sonic crime scenes. True expressions of dread that hearken back to the early days of Throbbing Gristle and Coil, before the term industrial was sullied by such pedestrian concepts as a dance beat. Built on brutal guitars and Geiger clicks, shortwave transmission and vague and haunted vocals. When drums do come, they are distant and threatening, filled with reverberating menace and dread. The whole experience of “Top Trans” is an astounding assault on the senses. It is much like that first time you dropped a needle on your very first copy of “Second Annual Report,” not really knowing what you were getting yourself into. Kastel and Morgia have released a wealth of music, both together and individually, much of which can be found in the catalog of Italy’s Ultramarine Records. “Top Trans” is no easy listening. Thirty seconds into the single “Screwed Twice” and many may reach for the power button, confused and a bit battered by the crackle, feedback, and barely audible speech. A Swans-esque bass drone starts “Forgotten Keys” but doesn’t necessarily drive the piece, as in the case of Gira’s vision. Instead it is another element in a really tightly composed symphony of disquietude. If you like to challenge your synapses and aren’t afraid of a few music induced nightmares, “Top Trans” is a worthy contribution to the world of avant-garde industrial. DISCLAIMER: It should be noted that ClanDestine Records releases my personal musical work. Let it be known though, as well as one of their artists, I am a huge fan of the music on their label. I release with them because I love their label and what they do.
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