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Bandwith Makes Her Dance

By Behold the Destroyer, 11/27/2012 - 1:37pm
Say "fuck productivity" for the rest of the day and start playing Juicy J's Bands Will Make Her Dance videogame. "Bands Will Make Her Dance" the videogame, is everything you'd imagine a game based around the song would be. You play as Juicy J in a scrip club trying to shower strippers with ones while not actually spending any of your money. Chain together your tips and you get extra bonuses, occasionally a random pile of money magically appears out of nowhere. Nothing makes sense. The scrip don't make sense. The experience is fucking hypnotic. It's good to see Juicy J diversifying his empire into a full multimedia experience. Can't wait for Bands Will Make Her Dance the energy drink, Bands Will Make Her Dance the novel, and Bands Will Make Her Dance the amusement park. That'll actually be a series of strip clubs—but setup in malls like PF Changs. Wild levels of simulacra while a soccer mom in South Dakota makes in thunderstorm like Pacman Jones. You say no to ratchet pussy, Ms.Smith from the gardening club can't. Play Bands Will Make Her Dance.
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