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*Bill Cosby Voice* Western Tink Be On That Comfy

By Zachg, 11/27/2012 - 8:30pm
*Alleyboy voice* OOOOHHHHH SHIT! Western Tink of Mobbin No Sobbin is back up in this bitch once again. The young Austinite comes through packin 8 tracks of pure hip hop examplism. Tink continues to prove that he is an excellent example of how right rap can be when placed in the hands of someone with good ears. What you might not know about Tink is how diverse his taste in music is. The dude is a product of the internet generation in the realest sense with an undying affinity for everything from Mac Dre, to the golden age of underground rap music (1998-2003), to Television and beyond. So it makes sense that someone who inputs (listening) how Tink inputs, would output (making tunes) how Tink outputs. On Comfortable Like A Coogi On A Huxtable you can hear Tink rap over some throwback boom-bap straight-ahead beats, which are slightly out of the ordinary for dude. Those tracks kinda bust the top off and let the curious light of Tink's broad influences shine through. It isn't until the bonus track "Future Look" that things really get blown wide open. Rap rock is deplorable, so I don't wanna insinuate that this is a rap rock track, but it is leaning very hard towards Tink's rock influence. It's still the same familiar dude rappin to us, but ever so slightly recontextualized. As much as I love Tink for being a dude who reinforces the good parts of rap, his revisionist imperative is always welcomed. Do yourself a favor and take some time to remain familiar with a dude who is behind some of the most amazing art being created in The United States right now.
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