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You Good At The Door, Le1f Got You a +1

By Behold the Destroyer, 11/27/2012 - 11:30pm
If you live in most cities, and your homeboy says "yo you wanna come to this party?" you just reply with a standard "yeah". Maybe you ask what the lady/dude ratio is looking like. "What's the math god?" If you live in New York, LA, or the borough of Brokelyn you reply with "yo, you got a +1", because you're about that party life, but you're also about free shit. In this video from Pitchfork's +1 series you get to go behind the scenes with Le1f and check out a recent performance of his here in Brooklyn. Dude talks about what inspires him and his philosophy on performance. Granted this +1 doesn't let you skip the line, nor allow you to watch the performance from the V.I.P where you can brush elbows with low level celebrities, but you can watch this at home in your underwear while you eat half a box of Lucky Charms for dinner.
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