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Toy Masters Reveals the Shocking Truths Behind the MOTU Film & Dolph's Accent

By Oh Mars, 11/28/2012 - 11:30am
We were treated to the first glimpse of the Masters of the Universe documentary TOY MASTERS back in August 2011. That feels like an eternia ago. The doc pulls the curtain back on the tumultuous empire that was He-Man - from the action figure line's rise to domination to its sudden decline. The filmmakers are in the editing stage now and to prove it, they've released this 11-minute clip featuring Gary Goddard, director of the 1987 MOTU movie. To coincide with the 25th anniversary of the film last month, Warner Bros. released a bare bones Blu-ray. The disc criminally features no special features (you can read my review of it over at Collider) besides Goddard's commentary from the old DVD. The Bloglin featured more insights on MOTU with our Pig Boy interview, for chrissakes. But it looks like Toy Masters is gonna feature plenty of juicy details about the making of the film. In this brief clip Goddard (and a few others involved with the making of) cover a lot of ground, including the terribly rushed ending and fear of Dolph's accent. It's fun stuff that'll have any MOTU fan frothing for more. There's no release date yet for Toy Masters, but you can haunt their website and Facebook for updates. You have, as they say, the power.
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