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White Lung Hold it Together

By Pool Captain, 11/29/2012 - 11:30am
Rarely are music videos every part as chaotic and fuzzy as the tracks they visualize, but Vancouver noisemakers White Lung and their video for "Glue" are a welcome exception.  One of the standout cuts from the summer's phenomenal Sorry  LP, the video is equal parts stock footage, live shots, and tour shenanigans, all tied together with the level of cohesion and clarity worthy of a public access Emmy (they do those, right?). Mac Demarco bassist Pierce McGarry lent his directorial talents to the project, as well as playing an instrumental role in taming the ghost horse galloping around the first minute. But even if the team hadn't found a way to set Seabiscuit's spirit to rest, this song flat out rips.
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