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Fridays For Fighting: ZuNGry Victory

By Ilyas, 12/07/2012 - 8:30pm
  Our boy Zachary Ochoa (3-0, 3 KOs) faced Michael Salcido (1-4, 0 KOs) a few weeks ago. You might’ve heard about it, it was on the HBO Boxing Adrien Broner card. That’s right, 20 year old Zachary “ZUNGRY” Ochoa made his HBO debut and made light work of Michael Salcido. Ochoa came out and his first punch devastated Salcido for what seemed to be the remainder of the bout. ZUNGRY went on to score two more knockdowns, and finally turning it up with an over hand right, sending Salcido to the ground, leaving the referee no choice but to step in. Ochoa had this to say “I felt good. I felt calm. I landed the right punches. I don’t like to waste punches. I went out there and did I what I had to do and took care of my business early. I felt I had to push some more body shots and then come back up to the head and I got him out of there,” He’s a beast, he’s a dog, he’s a mother loving problem. A few of our Mishka goons have been spotted in the gym with ZUNGRY, with cameras in hand, documenting the young man’s training. Possibly wearing our attire? YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE. Yesterday, UFC King Dana White held a press conference for the UFC on FOX 5 card and some new information was fed to us like a morbid dog owner feeding his 6 day starved dogs kept in a basement. No, it was nothing like that actually. But Dana White announced that Ronda Rousey is the first UFC Women’s Champion. Congratulations to Ronda, I think that’s pretty dope for you. As far Dana crowning her the champion before her fight, then openly bashing all female mixed martial artist by feeding us the good old “no body wanted to step up” line, I’m not so into. White is clearly using her as his golden child to win as many fans as possible for WMMA (That’s Women’s MMA, not Wu Tang Means Mighty Allah) which is fine I guess. It’ll be a sad day when Invicta gets shut down. I say that with the utmost respect, but once Dana White sets his eyes on the prize, it’s all fair game. Thankfully you can always count on Middleeasy to supply us fiends with the right amount of footage boy. Siphon it up (what?) The first image that pops up on Google images for “Nick Diaz GSP” is this photo shopped image of Diaz and Georges St. Pierre facing off. It’s priceless but it’s also an accurate look into our future. Well the future. Although, we all share the same future, regardless of one’s individual path. You see, a rock is a rock. Sorry anyways, King Dana White said in the same press conference mentioned earlier (pay attention) that GSP wants Nick Diaz and I don’t think he means he wants to meet him for a Mandatory Brunch Meeting. Not too sure when this is slated to happen, I think Superbowl Weekend, but I don’t even know when that is. If you’re as big of a Diaz brother fan as I am, then do not fret. You don’t need to wait long to see one of them throw some classic Stockton 209 jabs, tomorrow night Nate Diaz will be vying for Ben Hendeson’s Lightweight Champsion title. I’ve never used the word “vying” before, it reminds me of Valkyrie. Not the Tom Cruise movie but from the Max Payne games.Diaz is on a 3 fight win streak over Tankanori Gomi, Donald Cerrone and Jim Miller and his game plan is looking tighter with each fight. Henderson himself is in a ridiculously stacked 5 fight win streak, two of whom were against former champion Frankie Edgar. The rest of the card is pretty intense, as well. Rory Macdonald is a serial killer now, and BJ Penn makes me giggle when he gets angry because he looks like a giant Hawaiian baby. Here’s the poster for it, you better not miss you suckas.
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