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Alex Wiley Drops New Project Village Party II

Since the release of his debut mixtape, Club Wiley, in 2013, Alex Wiley has been an underground favorite. Although Wiley has stayed under the radar, his unique style has earned him spots on many different stages such as Hot 97 tastemaker Ebro's SXSW showcase, Webster Hall, and more. In regards to his 2014 release, Village Party, Wiley said, “I wanna make someone feel the way I felt when I heard Kanye or Cudi for the first time."



Windy City Roundup: Ten Chicago Releases You Need

Since I began writing for Chicago multimedia outlet TheseDays, my Windy City coverage has minimized over at the Mishka Bloglin. That being said, it was probably a bit excessive for a New York-based blog, so it's probably for the better. That being said, there are a handful of releases that are worthy of still being covered around these parts. Chicago is a city that constantly churns out high-quality music, just like Atlanta and New York (and Seattle and Dallas and Los...


Beasts of No Nation: Fukunaga's Masterpiece

“The only way not to be fighting anymore is to be dying.”

There are a handful of films that are very tough to watch, but damn near necessary to view. Disturbing, heartbreaking, and so many other words describe eye-opening, mandatory, timely, and well-crafted films like Schindler's List, Hotel Rwanda, and now, Beasts of No Nation.



Aliens in the Lighthouse: Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach Trilogy

Someday the fish and the falcon, the fox and the owl, will tell tales, in their own way, of this disembodied globe of light and what it contained, all the poison and all the grief that leaked out of it. If human language meant anything, I might even recount it to the waves or to the sky, but what's the point?

Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach Trilogy was the best set of books that I read this year. Although released last year, I didn't dive...



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