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The World Needs Psychedelics More Than Ever (Pt. 9, The Acid Casualties of Cinematic LSD)

The world is in a pretty nuts place right now. People are feeling confusion and concern as the election looms. It has left many with a real sense of hopelessness. We always knew the elites are corrupt but it is still depressing to see the hard evidence unfold before our eyes. To make matters worse people are at each other's throats. Everything seems really intense at the moment. 

Keeping your hands on the...

Stepping Inside the Self Made Reality of falsevacancy

I don't know much about the origins behind falsevacancy, but the duo released an EP known as Haitus [sic] last month. An instrumental EP made up of lofi, crackling, sorrowful sounds. This EP was first brought to my attention after Alicks aka Alex reposted it. While he might be part of this group, I'm uncertain. If so, he's released like 400 songs...


Ice Cream That Tastes Like How Colors Look: Conversing with Artist Elizabeth Wirija

Visual artist Elizabeth Wirija is more than just a photography. Or a graphic designer. Or a film director. While she is all of those things, she is also a moving, growing, open-minded being, hell-bent on motivational creation and positive energy. While doing everything from crafting her own books to photo shoots to even writing, directing, and editing her own short film, she seems to be doing it all, one day at a time. Following her...



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