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Glass Animals Let Loose Moving Artwork, Release Sophomore Album

Drip-pop groovers Glass Animals are back with their sophomore album How to Be a Human Being, which is out today. While I haven't fully listened to their follow-up from 2014's Zaba (it just came out today, give me a break), I have enjoyed the loose singles they have given the public leading up to the drop. Songs like "Youth" and "Life Itself" did nothing but further anticipate the release for me. After all, Zaba was one of my favorite...

Multicultural Creative Platform: An Interview with Dusty INTL

Beginning as simply a record label, I first caught wind of Dusty INTL through instrumental/cassette releases by Sigh. and Contour. Now, as the Oakland brand and creative platform continues to expand, it has started to release zines, books, photography sets, travelogues, road trips, and merchandise. Continuing with the theme of freedom and open roads, Dusty is firmly planted inside the nomadic lifestyle, where road maps are treasure hunts...


Green Ova South Keep 'Em Comin' with "G.O. Sound"

Praise the rap gods for allowing KRWU to remain hype throughout the whole year. After dropping a split single at the top of the year, Squadda B and Pepperboy (together known as Green Ova South) released the full-length project fully produced by Young God. After the drop was handled through Mishka Records, they came correct with the music video for "Tears in My Eyes", which was also directed by Young God. Emotional and powerful, the video is full...

You’ve Been Watching Horror Movies All Wrong

A universally abided by prescription for watching horror movies involves a rainy night, a glass of earthy red, and the person you love by your side to cuddle amidst the warmth of an heirloom quilt in dwindling light. This was always the assumed way of watching until you clicked on this piece of shit click bait article that informed you otherwise. The truth is...you’ve been watching horror movies wrong this whole time, having nightmares like a total asshole.



Witches and Waves: Kubo and the Two Strings

I'm seeing Kubo and the Two Strings tonight and I'm so.frickin'.stoked.breh. Not only am I sucker for animated films, but I'm also a sucker for action, adventure, swordplay, mythology, tidal waves, imagination, paper cranes, witches, Beatles covers, Charlize Theron, fireballs, heartwarming comedy, and Matthew McConaughey. Laika is a really cool animation studio. See also: Coraline, ParaNorman. K U B O! Yeah, I might see this in...


Codie G Showcases Alabama Talent on Compilation New Tide

Codie G will always be a legend in my eyes. Along with managing the Huntsville, Alabama duo G-Side, he's also been curating compilations focused on showcasing the underground, the underdog, the talent seeking shine. For his newest compilation, we have New Tide, featuring fourteen tracks of Alabama artists. Playing off of the new class and Roll Tide (University of Alabama's rally...


Breevie the L.A.M.E. Returns with "Bilderberg II" Video

"Even through the pain we be building."

Remember last week when we caught up with rapper Breevie the L.A.M.E.? Click on this in case you missed it. Now, after a quiet first half of 2016, Breevie returns to the rap game and unleashes with the music video for "Bilderberg II". With direction handled by ADHD Productions and with the beat handled...


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