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Pepperboy Back With Music For The Nitetime

By SupaSortahuman, 12/16/2012 - 11:00am
Little Rock Arkansas's very own Pepperboy is back with his highly anticipated album "Nitetime" and I have to say its a real solid project and I'm happy to be a part of this one. "Nitetime" has some really next level production on every track from the likes of BlueSkyBlackDeath, Party Trash, Nattymari, BLOWN, Bill Ding, Black Tim, and many more talented artists. All the beats on this tape seem to really match the mood and helps get across the message Pep is trying to convey to the people. His songs range from topics such as a single mom getting the most dreaded call a parent can receive on the track "Funeral", to worldly topics like Kony and global warming on the track aptly named "Global Warming". This project is his first to also have a few features on it as well and I enjoyed hearing what all everybody came up with on the collabs. A bunch a really sick rappers are featured on here including myself(SupaSortahuman), Himself the Majestic, Yung Yadi, Western Tink, Spz Chaote, Blackberry, Temolja, Feezio, Bill Ding, and Lakutis that makes up for a well rounded album. A few tracks on here I have already heard before as singles but was glad to hear them on "Nitetime" still because the whole project just flows so well togther. The artwork says it all to me too, as I can just imagine burning one on the front porch looking off into the night time sky and staring into space just reminiscing on life. So go ahead and sit back, dim the lights low tonight, and vibe to this one. It's free or name your own price at bandcamp. Download here
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