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Left Leberra Froze Mow Em Down Choppa Stah Choppa Stah

By Zachg, 12/18/2012 - 11:30am
Brought to you by the Good man Froze, and the Great man Left Leberra, Choppa Stah is a short 5 track stunter that is replete with collabs. Left Leberra assembles a motley rap A-Team of Deli Mane, Space Grace, Himself The Majestic, AJ Suede, Berko Lover, and Stash Marina to go in quick, and get the job done in a spectacular fashion. The point of this release doesn't seem to be to create a thematic work so much as curate a selection of songs that sound good. Certainly, that in and of itself is a theme, but it doesn't necessarily evoke any kind of narrative or arc other than, listen to these rappers rap on these beats. And that's a good thing because when you're working witha crew of folks whose chief talent is rapping well, you don't really need to fuss with much more than good raps. But even in the midst of a very minimalist offering Left still manages to impart a great deal of originality, and artistic vision. His raps tell a poignant story of an observant and intellectual young man who has tread life's deviant paths, but isn't necessarily governed by their rules. He has a unique outsider respective that mixes distrust, and dissatisfaction with empowerment to incredibly fruitful results.
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