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The Hood Internet - Feat Remixes [Free Album Download]

By Behold the Destroyer, 12/18/2012 - 2:30pm
The Hood Internet started out like a lot of other DJs/producers making mashups of existing songs, to create new songs. The difference between theirs and most of the others you've heard—they were good. With Feat, The Hood Internet took their skills to making fully original productions with help on vocals from a bunch of their friends like Das Racist, Ninjasonik, Aesop Rock, GZA, and Freddie Gibbs. Now with the Feat Remixes album, we have other people making remixes of their original music, bringing the idea of reinterpreting and recrafting music back around full circle. This is the snake eating it's tail, we're officially through the looking glass. The Feat Remixes album gives you a variety of feels from producers like Big Data, Only Children, Skinny Friedman, Willy Joy and Lazerbeak. If you want a rap joint that sounds like it should come from a futuristic Soca club, you could mess with "Uzi Water Gun (Skinny Friedman Remix)". If you want a chilled indie rock experience, with a beat you could still dance to, you could get on "Our Finest China (el_der Remix)". You need a straight up pop jam, that tugs at the emotional dancing core of your brain? The Hood Internet has you covered with "Won't Fuck Us Over (MagicHour Remix)". The Feat Remixes album has songs for all styles. If you're feeling the remixes and are inspired to buy the original album (laptops don't buy themselves), we've got a 25% off discount code (The Hood Internet Holiday Deal) for the Delux Bundle package—featuring a hoodie and your choice of a signed vinyl record or CD, and digital download. Get the discount code over Get this album and explore the many moods and recesses of the hood internet.
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