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Grip Plyaz Doesn't Care About Your Hipster Ass

By neonpajamas, 12/19/2012 - 2:00pm
The first thing Grip Plyaz says on his first big mixtape is, “It's Grip Plyaz and I don't give a damn.” Purp x Wind x Fire is the debut of yet another Atlanta trapper who is trying to make it big based on the 2012 sound that Mike Will brought to the radios. This album features three tracks with the newfound millionaire Trinidad Jame$ and it does very little other than try to sound like Don't Be S.A.F.E. Not necessarily a bad thing, though, as the guest verses and production are pristine. Check the beat on “So Official.” Rittz makes an appearance on this album. Where the hell has he been? But, Grip Plyaz doesn't have that goofball swag that Trinidad encompasses. No wild rings, gold-encrusted jackets, leopard leggings. No Harry Carey glasses, neither. Instead, he looks like a dude from Death Grips and hates hipsters. Covered in tats, his chest reads, “Lord Hood.” He throws out rap lines so bad they got Waka laughing. “I'm so official, I'm so official, like a referee......with a whistle.” Plyaz shows us that he is a cold rapper with no personality. We know he loves weed and bitches, and hates smiling (and bitches). He hates haters. On “I Got You What You Need,” we learn that dude sells John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rihanna, and Lindsay Lohan. In case you were wondering, he ships his “Whitney Houston” from Houston. “Fuck dat Hipster Shit” is bound to have plenty of hipsters bumping Grip in their rides. And I'm sure it was expected from the start. Does this come on vinyl? If anything, Grip is a hippie, not a hipster, he tells us, but I don't see him encompassing any hippie characteristics other than massive drug use. He's too cool to ride bikes, he assures us. And, after all, he does have a track called “Died (In Yo Pussy).” Grip might be good for a guest verse or two in 2013, but he needs more character and noteworthy personality traits to stick around. Maybe Trinidad's buddies at Def Jam can help him find his inner weirdo.
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