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NoCanDo Takes Flight

By Gnou, 12/19/2012 - 3:30pm
I have talked about Nocando a little bit before: most recently as one half of rap super duo Flash Bang Grenada. But let's make a little more formal introduction: NoCanDo is from the fourth generation of Project Blowed MCs, born in the early eighties and originally came up as a battle rapper. In the beginning of the twenty first century, he formed the Kustomer Service with a bunch of his friends, who ransacked the LA battle scene for a while, until economic needs caught up with these young high school graduates, sending crew member Y-Not to jail and a lot of the others to real jobs. Nocan went on to release a few EPs: the Patient, the Impatient, and Walk The Void (with production from Labwaste) and keep on serving rappers on the daily in the GrindTime leagues, and eventually winning Scribble Jam in 2007. That stuff was easy for him, so he started to focus more on his own life. In the interval, he and über-producer Daddy Kev had established Low End Theory, Los Angeles' premier club night for forward-thinking hip-hop. Every week, NoCanDo hosted the breeding grounds for the LA Beat scene, seeing the likes of GasLamp Killer, Glitch Mob, Nosaj Thing and some dude named Flying Lotus blow up internationally. He recorded an album with DJ Nobody as Bomb Zombies in 2009 and released his debut LP called Jimmy The Lock in 2010. Today, he is leading the charge of his own imprint called Hellfyre Club, with Open-Mike Eagle, Milo (more on him in a bit), Rheteric Ramirez, Kail and they just set up in a brand new studio so that we will hear a lot more from them in 2013. His next album, Jimmy The Burnout, will come out on by summer 2013, the video for Up In the Air posted above featuring an Indonesian cutie pie is only a taste of what's to come, produced by Nobody and Dntel. If you head out to his Soundcloud you can find another couple of previews including Where's The Money produced by the Los Angeles half of Lazersword as well as this grimy non-album remix cut called All Over a Bitch. Start getting familiar with this dude (and his dudes) now, please.
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