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See the World Through the Maniacal Eyes of Elijah Wood

By Oh Mars, 12/29/2012 - 3:30pm
Franck Khalfoun's remake of the 1980 slasher classic Maniac got some stellar reviews following its festival run earlier this year. And now, to whet our bloody whistles, the studio has released the first six minutes of the film. If you've ever dreamed about seeing the world through Elijah Wood's dreamy eyes, I hope you're sitting down. Elijah steps into the legendary shoes of the great Joe Spinell and takes on the role of Frank Zito - the disturbed mannequin maker with serious lady issues. I'm not sure how much, but a chunk of the film is shot in POV - including the six minutes above. The POV slasher cam is a classic approach featured in films ranging from Halloween to the satirical opening of De Palma's Blow Out. I look forward to seeing how Khalfoun's Maniac tackles the method. No one can go toe-to-toe with Spinell, but the fact that Elijah is the physical polar opposite has me really excited for this remake.
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