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Kendrick Lamar Takes A Victory Lap

By Behold the Destroyer, 01/03/2013 - 12:22pm
There's a break in the middle of this video for "Backseat Freestyle" where Kendrick Lamar's homeboy dad calls him to ask for his dominoes back. Kendrick can't give dude his dominoes back, because Kendrick is in Paris, he's an African American in the city of lights. On that James Baldwin. Once pops realizes he won't be getting his dominoes back, he starts smoking weed; sings a song about broads with fat asses, and the love they deserve. It's moving. The video then cuts to a 15 second long static shot of Kendrick standing emotionless in front of a lowrider with a girl 2 Chainz would call "Big Booty", but the video labels as Sherane. In that small bit of the video, dude says everything about the come up and living "the dream". This is a victory lap in rap video format. This is cinema.
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