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Gaspar Noe Makes A Video For Nick Cave, No One Dies

By Behold the Destroyer, 01/04/2013 - 9:41pm
Hearing that infamous French director Gaspar Noe was doing the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds video, I was prepared for some kind of gruesome imagery combining with somber tunes, for the worst 4 minutes of the day. After all Noe is the same dude that gave us Enter The Void, Irreversible, and I Stand Alone. Three movies that should be hitting lazy Sunday afternoon programming bocks any day now, with their graphic depictions of rape, incest, drug use, and murder. Seriously, Irreversible, top five fucked up movies OF ALL TIME! We check this video though, and it's completely safe for work. Did not see that coming. Sure it's creepy as fuck with a dude wandering through the forest holding a flashlight, but it's entirely ambiguous. Is dude walking to that clearing in the woods where he's tied up a bunch of co-eds? Straight up, about to have the opening ceremonies for the 2013 torture olympics. Or, is my man looking for his puppy that ran away from his vacation home? Where is lil Sebastian? Hope the lil guys ok. Hope dude doesn't dismember anyone.
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