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Transmissions From The Deep

By Theway Peoplestare, 01/08/2013 - 4:30pm
Four tracks that have presented themselves all tight and tidy under my radar this week are as follows: "MemoryHouse" by Shisa. This guy seems to push out a fairly substantial dose of perfection when it comes to musical surgery. Having a tendency to love everything he does, I just had to put him first on the list of fav tracks for the start of the week. Johnny Teardrop or Crave or Dose – however you like to have him, is the one to go to for that dirty sexy morning after feeling. A feeling where you are both disgusted with yourself yet undeniably satisfied and pleased. Johnny brings it – it is sticky and caresses you and will never go away. This guy simply must start getting the attention he deserves. He pulls up the red earthed nature from deep within; true physical human. After the success of Phantasma Disques release, ‘Broken Waters of Mykines’, I have been wondering when Prosymna were going to kick start their fresh direction and look towards further output. Their latest track ‘Blow’ sheds some of the fierce passionate vocals and hard crescendos, for a more steady undulating sound. This track is elegant and will suit your day just nicely. It is also a title track which means a new album is on the horizon. I will be adding that to the previous in my collection thank you very much. Ceremonial Dagger will be releasing Ghost Triangulations II in 2013 and I for one can’t wait to check out where he is placed stylistically (after the first sold out on the Bvs) and also, how his latest side project Darkforce Complex has influenced his current direction. Apparently it is going to be a two CD affair with a mixture of brand new and reworked. Here’s a demo to get you started anyway…
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