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AG Da Coroner And Meyhem Lauren Unleash A Tornado Of Rhymes

By Behold the Destroyer, 01/17/2013 - 3:00pm
"Blades In The Wind" is the first single from AG Da Coroner's Sip The Nectar featuring Mishka fave Meyhem Lauren. As expected from any member of The Outdoorsmen the rhymes are dirtbag centric, clever, and blunt. As well the grit level is exceptionally high. We're talking cheap clams level of grit here. Bottom of five year old Timbs grit. "Blades" has a minimalist, dusty beat provided by Alexander The Great that occasionally sounds like a deep John Carpenter soundtrack cut for a brutal kung fu flick. Surprisingly, "Blades In The Wind" is not the title of any martial arts picture I could find, which is a shame. Wildly disappointed in the dudes that import and re-title asian action flicks. At least when those guys get around to making a cinematic version of Blades In The Wind they'll already have a hard title song ready to go.
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