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The Beach Has Heart

By DREWXMINDZ, 01/17/2013 - 10:00pm
Today I thought I'd found myself in a warm summer breeze, beach side, dreaming. Reality, in the form of a slip on a completely iced over street, snapped me out of it real quick. The momentary space out was great though, and completely the fault of the newest BEΔCH HEΔRT release. Few things can manage to crack the frigid cold of shitty Midwestern winters, but pop hits like ‘The World is Ours’ and hazy drag outs like ‘The Comedown’ seem to turn ice into sand. Like a slightly dirtier version of Washed Out-esque Chillwave with sounds of second gen Witch House influence and even dance pop fun thrown in, LA's Isaac Mingo has something great brewing with BEΔCH HEΔRT.
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