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Infinite Dreams Recovered

By Theway Peoplestare, 01/18/2013 - 4:00pm
Why waste time trying to enhance happiness in the slow pace of reality? Busy lifestyles need solutions. Infinity Frequencies is a shining ray of NHK BS offering highly sensitive disassociated mood tunes to ease away those nasty lost decade fears. ‘Dream Recovery’ is the computer-gazer’s latest release and the last bandcamp free download before he signs to AMDISCS Future Reserves Label set for February this year. 2010/11 saw the rise of vaporwave into the online underground thanks to artists like Macintosh Plus (Vektroid/New Dreams Ltd), Internet Club and Chuck Person. The micro-genre gained traction over 2012 which saw a bunch of projects emerge and from what I can tell, share perspectives on the new economy –the strangeness and demureness of Japanese television, 90s RnB and obsolete computer technology and applications are the most recognizable influences. Coolmemoryz, Bitter TV, CTRL mixes, VΞRACOM and Future Funk Rocker are among some of the newer-ish projects engaging vapory post-whateverness and exploring the duality of resisting/accepting the hopelessness of capitalism -as well as pacifying and romanticizing it. Described in Adam Harper’s in depth article on the genre as “Accelerationist” art, vaporwave seems to want to deduct the current psychology within the westernizing world and apply non-resistant acceleration of its principles. It wistfully reflects mainly the 80s – 90s (a poignant crossover period fraught with unsustainable economic bubbles and subsequent gloom) by referencing pop culture, especially advertising to create twisted corporate background ‘elevator’ music with over-saturated emotionscapes. Dream Recovery is the future of memory. Sample-based loopy edits pick and choose aspects of beauty and luxury to suit. Pitched, slowed and manipulated for a custom made spiritual journey. The result is a satirical calming and cooling of the senses. Virtual serenity. Infinity Frequencies’ ‘Dream Recovery’ is available for free download now. Get it here:
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