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First Time for Everything: Speaking with Designer Yesenia Del Toro

Welcome back to First Time For Everything, an ongoing column where we interview creatives who have never been interviewed before. The idea is to publish and display a story you can't find elsewhere on the internet. A panel of profiles highlighting talented individuals and collectives. Along the way, we've spoken with producers, photographers, authors, and industry insiders. Now, our fifth and newest addition to the series is designer and...


Rapper CRASHprez Moved to Minnesota & Made a Song with Shrimpnose

It's a lovely Tuesday evening, perfect for new music, and even better that the new music comes from rapper CRASHprez and producer Shrimpnose. Originally hailing from the East Coast, CRASHprez later went to Madison, Wisconsin for school. It was during this time that CRASH released his full-length album more perfect. through Mishka Records. Following school, CRASHprez moved to...


Canadian Forest Meditation: A Philosophical Interview with Pineapple Gland

Pineapple Gland is a soul searching guru. A spiritual figure who runs wild on Twitter with rants on mysticism, spirituality, simulations, and hip-hop. PIneapple Gland is a genderless fruit and should be treated and respected as such. Pineapple Gland is a musician, a sage, a juice dealer, a vibe dealer, a friend. Pineapple Gland is all of us. I sent Mr. PG some questions via email and he took to the...


Fourteen Instrumental Minutes From Chilean Producer Svt

Around here, we love our beats. Scraping instrumentals to soundtrack the day. Scratching, lofi samples that do nothing but enhance an already strong weekend. How fitting, then, that South American producer Svt has been giving us plenty to work with. During the summer, he released one hell of an EP known as Tape Rancio. Stream it down below as one long MP3 or buy it split up here for $2.50. As always, Keep...


The World Needs Psychedelics More Than Ever (Pt. 9, The Acid Casualties of Cinematic LSD)

The world is in a pretty nuts place right now. People are feeling confusion and concern as the election looms. It has left many with a real sense of hopelessness. We always knew the elites are corrupt but it is still depressing to see the hard evidence unfold before our eyes. To make matters worse people are at each other's throats. Everything seems really intense at the moment. .

Keeping your hands on the wheel...


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