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Follow The Darkstar To Clearer Futures

By Gnou, 01/25/2013 - 3:30pm
I suppose, I guess, that Darkstar's North was largely overseen by a lot of critics because it was a Hyperdub release that sounded nothing like Hyperdub's roster. Of course, it was a release like no other, period; but those genre blinders are hard to get rid of, when there are so many releases coming from every label and every direction. It didn't help that North was also markedly different from previous Darkstar releases, adding a cheeky third member to produce a bass music record that even your momma could enjoy. The trio's second full length release called News from Nowhere seems primed for a lot more spotlight, coming out February 5th on Warp Records, a label that has basically made its mission to blindside listeners since it was founded. If you have 45 minutes ahead of you, you may listen to the full album stream after the jump, and feel yourself meandering through alternate universes, until you hit the first single, Amplified Ease which will make you jump off your seat and dance in the acid rain, basically urging you to listen to closely in case you forgot the music was playing. Or, just clickety up there on the play button to watch the video for the song WHILST you dance your cute little tushy off to a certain death as the trio may or may not be drowning in a tank somewhere. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love this track, even though it is nothing but a glorified version of Animal Collective on a day when they forgot to take themselves to dinner. But how glorious! How entrancing! And you know I have a penchant for vocal harmonies, so set against a crystalline backdrop of vivid change rings, it is exactly the kind of music I needed to slide into the springtime.
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