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Le1f Hates Fiat Currency, Pay Him In Coins

By Behold the Destroyer, 01/25/2013 - 10:00am
I don't think you can officially call yourself a rapper until you've made a song about having a lot of money. I'm sure there has to be a Black Star joint in a vault somewhere, featuring Mos Def talking about caking up off of that Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy paper. Le1f just dropped "Coins", it's about money. He is officially a rapper now. "Coins" is from Le1f's upcoming mixtape Fly Zone, it features a beat by Drippin & Souldrop which sounds a bit like a Japanesse video game dungeon level soundtrack and something Missy Elliot might rap over if she was still getting beats from '96 Timbaland. Sorry, that's kind of redundant, I've just described the same sound. It's telling that Le1f talks about getting "coins" as opposed to getting "paper". Clearly dude is on some old, old money shit. Fucking dubloons out here. Goddamned rap game Uncle Scrooge and shit. I know that dude Glenn Beck is heavy into gold, because he's on some wild one world government conspiracy wave. The question here is, if you played this for Glenn Beck would he fuck with Le1f for the clever wordplay, bumping beat, and shared love of a gold standard? Or, would he immediately hit the screw face, because he's a homophobe. I'm gonna assume the former, because I like to imagine Glenn Beck dropping a fucked up "old white dude at a wedding" shuffle to this shit. Let that visual sit in your mental.
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